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Re: Minyeva Babel Text

From:JS Bangs <jaspax@...>
Date:Friday, May 10, 2002, 17:24
Garrett Jones sikyal:

> I have translated the Babel Text into Minyeva! That was quite the task. If > anyone wants to see what the language looks like in actual usage, check it > out here: > >
Yeah, this url is wrong. After going through the main page, I found the text at Anyway, I read through the translation and looked at the interlinear. Some of your choices of translation were certainly interesting, and not what I would have expected. Very nice. Aesthetically, it's not much to my taste (sounds too mushy--overmuch [Z] and [S]), but that is of course a personal preference. I did look at your phonetics page, and I'm baffled by your "vowel" /r/. If you're describing the sound found in "bird" in rhotic American dialects, it's a retroflex approximant, and not a vocoid at all. However, if it's a round mid-central vowel, as you said, then it's not like American /r=/. Which is it? But you said that the grammar was out-of-date, so perhaps you know now, or have gotten rid of the vowel (I don't recall seeing it in your texts.)
> > or just go to the main Minyeva page: > > > > At the moment, I only have a slightly outdated vocab list, some links, and > now the babel text. > > -- > Garrett Jones > >
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