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Essentialist Khangaþyagon?

From:Peter Bleackley <peter.bleackley@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 10, 2003, 11:51
I've been looking at Essentialist Explantations again, and was wondering if
anybody could come up with one for Khangaþyagon. Here's a quick sample,
with pronunciation, gloss, and translation.

samang ya leshnam iðuzhang ya karrkakar
[s&m&N j& leSn&m, iDu:Z&N j& ka:rk&ka:4] 1p 1p
I went to the east, I saw the ravens
beb enbanar subanar u elldahingar yir beb oltokdahingar yir
[beb enb&na:4 su:b&na:4 u: el:d&hiNa:4 ji4 beb oltokd&hiNa:4 ji4]
and "such that" and
And all those things that were new and busy.
samang ya hashnam, iðuzhang ya issulir
[s&m&N j& h&Sn&m, iDu:Z&N j& is:uli:4] 1p 1p
I went to the west, I saw the egrets
beb enbanar subanar u futodahingar yir beb þomadahingar yir
[beb enb&na:4 su:b&na:4 u: fu:tod&hiNa:4 ji4 beb To:m&d&hiNa:4 ji4]
and "such that" and
And all those things that were old and calm.

The language has been described as sounding like Welsh. One Welsh speaker I
know denies this.



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