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Re: religion quiz

From:Adam Walker <dreamertwo@...>
Date:Thursday, September 20, 2001, 10:29
Recording opinions is illegal in Sweden?  Wow, that's weird.  It sounds like
something out of some SF repressive society.  No one is alloed to have an
opinion.  If you do have one don't dare to record it.  If you do . . .

Adam who's probably breathed too many car fumes today.

So lift the cup of joy and take a big drink.
In spite of it all it's a beautiful world.
-------Suzanne Knutzen

>Here are my results for the reference, in case anyone >wants to put these results together (which btw would >probably count as recording of opinions and so would be >illegal in Sweden and most other western countries, I >guess). >||| daniel
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