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opinions (was: Re: religion quiz)

From:daniel andreasson <danielandreasson@...>
Date:Saturday, September 22, 2001, 9:49
Adam Walker wrote:

> Recording opinions is illegal in Sweden? Wow, that's weird. > It sounds like something out of some SF repressive society. > No one is alloed to have an opinion. If you do have one don't > dare to record it. If you do . . .
No no. It means that the authorities (or anyone else for that matter) can't go around asking people e.g. what political party they're voting for or what they really think about our prime minister. And then collect these results and put them in huge databases for future use. So it's rather the opposite of what you interpreted in into. People should feel free to think whatever they like and not fearing that someone would come after them for their beliefs. That's what it's about. Don't you have this law in the US? I think BPJ and Andreas who seem to be more politically aware than me might explain this better do they feel the need. ||| daniel


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