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Carrajena update -- Sound Changes

From:Adam Walker <carrajena@...>
Date:Thursday, April 3, 2003, 11:08
Well, I finally finished updating my sound changes for Carrajena have them all on
the web for the first time ever. All interested parties may view the change
rules along with example words at but please note that the
words given as examples are not necesarily actual Carrajena words. Many of
these words probably *will* be actual words in the Carrajena lexicon, but they
await ratification by my Grand Poohbahness. I just took example words from the
book, _From Latin to Romance in Sound Charts_, by Peter Boyd-Bowman.

I am aware that I have not been very consistant in discribing the sound changes.
Sometimes I have used phonetic representation and some times Carrajena
orthographic representation. That's because I haven't decided which way is best
for my page. Suggestions on which direction to regularize (orthographic or
phonetic) are welcome.

Any nasty inconsistancies in directionality of changes is most welcome. I'm also
hoping for comments on likelihood of changes (other than qu > kp > p and ct >pt
>p which are set in stone and inspired by Romanian and Sardinian) since I do
have a few odd ones. And of course all questions will be gladly answered. Adam