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Compound cases (was Re: Re: Ergative or Vocative?)

From:Eric Christopherson <raccoon@...>
Date:Friday, October 8, 1999, 3:45
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Sent: Wednesday, October 6, 1999 12:02 PM
Subject: Re: Ergative or Vocative?

> Nik wrote: > > > Gen. of acc. wetamaun k@lumaun [wetamaunw, k@lumaunw] > > > >What's "gen. of ace."? > > Genitive of accusative. A case you'd find in languages like Basque (well, > really genitive of absolutive or ergative); they're referred to as 'cases
> cases'. (Tech case construction is a complex of internal inflections, > suffixes and prepositions, and many combinations. There are 'officially' > about ten cases, give or take, with a ton of locatives.)
Interesting... reminds me of an idea I've had for Dhak. I've been thinking of just using two or three 'official' cases, with other cases made up of a word in an 'oblique' case plus a particle (in origin a noun) which itself is inflected to agree with the word it describes. Examples (written in X-SAMPA): den@laBa?a ?ada The child's mother ('mother' is in the absolute case, 'child' is genitive) den@la 'child' - animate, singular, oblique case Ba?- root for 'belong to' Ba?a 'one who belongs (to)' - animate, singular, absolute case ?ada 'mother' - animate, singular, absolute case den@laBa?u qa:wu The child's tooth ('tooth' abs., 'child' genitive) den@la and Ba?- as above Ba?u 'thing which belongs (to)' - inanimate, singular, absolute case qa:wu 'tooth' - inanimate, singular, absolute case ja:muteja q_hina The bird in the tree ('bird' abs., 'tree' locative) ja:mu 'tree' - inanimate, singular, oblique case tej- root for 'to be with/in/at' teja 'one who is with/in/at' - animate, singular, absolute case q_hina 'bird' - animate, singular, absolute case As you can see, the oblique case is formed the same way as the absolute case. In fact, they may BE the same case. Does that make sense, or should I give them different markers?