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Re: names in conlangs

From:Michael Adams <abrigon@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 6, 2006, 0:06
I know in some lingos

you have

Bear People or some other animal
Ancestors name like Mc or Mac
Son or Daughter of, such as O' or Ni, or Son

But for first name, I know in western culture, alot of names
from out side the home language, that mean something in the
language they come from, but often mean nothing in the language
they are used in.

Michael my name for example, a form of Micah or "one like onto
God" has I suspect various meanings and shadings in Hebrew or
Aramaic or even Arabic.

Also notices names that was abbreviation but now are a persons
first name, not common but it happens..

Names that started as a nickname or like, such as "Buck" "Bubba"
and like, that likely was for something the person did, liek
they was a deer hunter, or a profession, or a short/cute form
for a name like Robert. Such as Bob, or Bubba or something like?

So you have names for people from

Nicknames made main
>From other languages
What else? Mike Mike Address changing to or My Poetry List My Humor List My Friends List Grunts Past/Present/Future Magic or Super High Tech Where we are going as a species ----- Original Message ----- From: "David J. Peterson" <dedalvs@...> To: <CONLANG@...> Sent: Monday, June 05, 2006 3:32 PM Subject: Re: names in conlangs
> Mikhail wrote: > << > how do you g*s do names in your langs? > >> > > In Kamakawi, you generally list the given name, the last name > (there are only ten of these), and the genitive prefix plus
> mother's name. So, for example: > > Oyo'o Foutapilo Tieini. > > Oyo'o = given name (oyo = "whine", -'o = masculine) > Foutapilo = last name > Tieini = of Eini (ti- = genitive, Eini = mother's name,
> > For my own name, I suppose it'd be... > > Taviti Peteletono Titanati > > Taviti = David > Peletono = Peterson > Titanati = of Sandi > > More info here: > > I have *no* idea how it'd end up in Sheli. You can find info
> how Sheli names work here, though: > > > > -David >
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