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Re: names in conlangs

From:Dana Nutter <sasxsek@...>
Date:Monday, June 5, 2006, 19:06
li [veritosproject@GMAIL.COM] mi tulis la

> how do you g*s do names in your langs? example: > > Ru/En: Mikhail Soloviev > Cenoji: colofijamihali > > in short: last-first. however, i decided to add [N], represented by > the letter g, as a new sound that also represents [k] and [g].
Sasxsek: Names are assimlated into Sasxsek phonemically, however they are not bound to Sasxsek's phonotactics. The order of names remains as in the source languages so Europeans would have their family name last whereas Chinese would place it first. All names are introduced with the particle <li>, or the preposition <lu>. Multiple words names are either placed in quotes <> or separated by apostrophes ('). So your example above would be: (li) mihail'solovjev, or (li) <mihail solovjev> Optionally a name could be written in the native script and/or orthography by using square brackets [] rather than quotes. However this would have to assume the reader knows how to read and/or pronounce the native script. ------------------------------ dejnx nxtxr / Dana Nutter LI SASXSEK LATIS.