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Re: names in conlangs

From:Michael Adams <abrigon@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 6, 2006, 14:45
Ancestor like a father or mother?

Mac, used alot in the US, and often used in Scotland instead of

MacDonalds or McDonalds? Seen both.

Ui/Ni yes, and the O' versus the Ui. Often caused by lazy
officials at Ellis Island and like.

Or, why my family name went from Ui'Donnabhain to Donovan, cause
of the lazy officials not knowing how they was spelled in
Ireland or cared, and using their own way of spelling. Why you
have like atleast 3 ways to do the same family name.

Donovan, Donavan, and O'Donovan and others..

Then you have where families left the old lands, and
deliberately changed their name cause of old problems back home
in Sicily.

MacDonalds or McDonalds the restaurant?

Then you have Ap? Welsh form of the same basic thing. Child of
either like the -son in Johanson, or named for some ancestor.
Like the O'Neals named for Nial of the . stories of the heros..
I forget their name, the sort of Arthurian Irish group of

But some of the names was also like the people of the brown
river or like.. Or children of the bear.. O'raigh or something
like that, forget a real example.

But also some names was better to be the decendent of someone
famous, especially when the old Brehon law, had where if you was
a decendent of the grandfather of the now-dead king of the local
Tuatha, you had a claim to the throne, even if your birth last
name was one name, but the crown was from someone else, so you
became the royal lines name and not your own.. Or why you have
alot of U'Neals, even if they was not of the main line, but
Irish was lovers of chaos..



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> -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- > Hash: SHA1 > > Michael Adams wrote: > > > Ancestors name like Mc or Mac > > Son or Daughter of, such as O' or Ni, or Son > > You have those backwards. 'Mac'/'Mc' is 'son of', 'Nic' is
> of', 'Ó' means '(male) descendent of', and 'Ní' mean '(female) > descendent of'. 'Mc' is only used in anglicisations of Irish
names, and
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