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Re: LUNATIC again

From:John Fisher <john@...>
Date:Sunday, November 8, 1998, 1:39
In message <3644E3F6.6EF089AF@...>, Eric Christopherson
<eric@...> writes

>What is a relex again?
A "relex" is what people on this list usually call what lojbab has been referring to as a "code", namely a creation in which the words, or maybe the morphemes, of a source language (usually the creator's own) are given a new sound representation, without the structure of the language being changed in any other important way. So you have a vocabulary like this: be: zif have: mompot home: olomoc not: cashc (past particple): -zhor yet: altarb you: tubac And then you have sentences like: Mompot cashc tubac zif-zhor olomoc altarb? Have n't you been home yet? But most people don't stick with doing this for long, because it's so boring. -- John Fisher Elet Anta website: Drummond ro cleshfan merec; fanye litoc, inye litoc