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Re: LUNATIC again

From:Mathias M. Lassailly <lassailly@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 11, 1998, 0:10
Charles wrote :

> Your "defense" of the ancient dual-number was a thing of beauty. > I had been thinking of such features as merely annoying, before. > >
Oh well, I did not get it by myself. I learned very little photography. White is a mix of all colours. Yellow is red colour and green colour, etc. And my former girlfriend was a gifted Dutch genetician. She told me each bar works with other bars which in turn make it work. So I thought : *plus = minus* and *concepts are concepts in concepts* : yellow concept appears when green concept mixes with red concept because then only the yellow concept part of both appears :-) So is aspect time within time and time is aspect within aspect I guess. Look at the current other posts on *proximal future*. Is it about imperfect in the future or future perfect in the future ? You know something about Tao, don't you ? ;-) Every now and then a computer scientist draws a square in the air and claims it's a brick in a wall :-D I say : build auxlangs for yourself, not walls for others. Except for TUNU which is the Millenary True Auxiliary Language. Buy TUNU and get happier. TUNU needs you. Think TUNU. TUNU forever and therafter. (J/K : Ok I confess I write all this out of jealousy because I could never solve a square equation) Mathias ----- See the original message at -- Free e-mail group hosting at