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Re: LUNATIC again

From:Logical Language Group <lojbab@...>
Date:Sunday, November 8, 1998, 13:35
John Fisher:
>>What is a relex again? > >A "relex" is what people on this list usually call what lojbab has been >referring to as a "code", namely a creation in which the words, or maybe >the morphemes, of a source language (usually the creator's own) are >given a new sound representation, without the structure of the language >being changed in any other important way.
To correect you, my claim is that you can have codes that are not mere relexes. Relexes are codes, but you can have structural changes that remain codes as well. Generally if you can manipulate the text mechanically in a context free manner to achieve equivalence, I would call it a code. Thus a language which has a different aspect system than English is a code if mechanical transformation and substitution will get you the English. lojbab ---- lojbab Bob LeChevalier, President, The Logical Language Group, Inc. 2904 Beau Lane, Fairfax VA 22031-1303 USA 703-385-0273 Artificial language Loglan/Lojban: /pub/access/lojbab or see Lojban WWW Server: href="" Order _The Complete Lojban Language_ - see our Web pages or ask me.