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Re: Prime number analogs in sketchbook project

From:Joe Mondello <rugpretzel@...>
Date:Sunday, July 16, 2000, 23:15
Jev jídz (Jeff Sheets) kov ra:

> This project has intrigued me to the point of de-lurking. How do you derive > the two/three syllable words from so many roots? Is it a creative process, > or is it morphological? In otherwords, in the project I'm working on, the > roots "ya- kah + eraj -sa" evolve into the single word "qiraca", vowels > stand > for the equivalent IPA symbols (except for the roundedness in u and o,
> are unrounded), j = voiced Postalveolar Fricative, e.g. z in azure; c = > unvoiced j, or sh in sheets, and q is the voiced velar fricative. I'm
> shoebox to put a process to the morphological changes I want. Are you doa > similar thing to derive words, or are you inventing new words a priori, > defining them with previous words?
At this point, I am creating many new words a priori and defining them by other roots. eventually, compounding will occur, but I feel there are far too few roots to begin compounding right now.
>Also, I'd suggest "dream" as either noun > or verb as your next goal. >
This is an excellent idea, and the road to deriving "dream" will certainly require the derivation of many other useful words. I believe I'll be in a situation to derive "dream" in about a day.
> Well, I guess this is something of an "I'm back" as well. I was active on > the list about a year ago, with a now dead language called Tit'xka. I
> lost interest in the language, mostly because speaking it is so dang > difficult. I think, with the language I'm developing now, I will be using
> right to left cursive script. I might also make a left to right variant,
> make a font easier to work with. No name for the language yet, no real > words > yet, but I'll generate some real quick to give a sample text. > > Kanganet, den xisen > I think therefore I am > > Root morphemes are as follows: > kah + gan -et, den kah + esen > I-know-Perf, therefore I-am > I am knowing, therefore I am > I think therefore I am. >
In sketchbook-ese: lo aki ilan (or "lo aki lo ilan lo) I cause know (I cause I know I) My cause is [my] awareness [of myself] Joe Mondello