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Re: Kisuna,a language with six segmental phonemes: preliminary sketch

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 24, 2000, 3:42
>> Take "kaibigan" for example: >> >> kaibígan - friend >> kaibigán - desire >> káibigán - mutual consent >> kaíbigan - sweetheart > >Are these related? They appear to be in a semantic field. Is there any >regularity to stressing?
I pulled that from one of my books on Tagalog, just as an example of how stressing can stretch the lexicon. Anyway, they are related, though the translations may be a bit liberal (my other dictionary lists other words for desire, and sweetheart. My Tagalog teacher said it meant more like lover). The word that they are related with is "ibig" which means love or a like. My best guess, since I dont have a list of Tagalog affixes (I'm going off of Hiligaynon affixes here), is that ka- -an is a circumfix pair (since they are related, though separate languages, it may be the same as in Tagalog). In Hiligaynon, it serves to nominalize adjectives, and also as a collective noun formative. the list is here: It's actually quite nice. Even has a German to Hiligaynon dictionary ________________________________________________ Soon to be a member of the procrastinators club, once i get around to joining.