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Dutch [was Re: French pronunciation (Was: Re: Fw: [wika] Boreanesian)]

From:Jonathan Chang <zhang2323@...>
Date:Tuesday, May 23, 2000, 7:27
In a message dated 2000/05/23 06:51:26 AM, Christophe Grandsire|Sela Jemufan
Atlinan C.G. wrote:

>My problem with Dutch is not the language itself which is not very difficult
(at least
>for me) but the fact that each time I say something, my friend replies: >"Well, that's correct Dutch but we would never say it this way" :)) . Dutch >is full of difficulties like that (like the fact for instance that "very" >has three equivalents: "heel", "erg" and "zeer" and that it's impossible to >know which one is possible with which adjective, and which one is not), but >it makes it a very interesting language. And my friend says he really loves >the way I speak Dutch, because it's perfectly understandable but completely >different to the way a native Dutch would talk. I'd like to be able to >invent a language like that :) . >
My ex-housemate, Yuri , is a veteran of Afghanistan (he was Spetznaz/KGB). Yuri is fluent in 19 languages. One of the languages he is fluent as a native is Dutch cuz the Soviets trained his unit to be ready to invade the Netherlands. His unit was to seize Amsterdam & hamper NATO forces. But then the Afghan War came up... Anyways he defected during that nasty conflict. Our neighbors in Houston were two Dutch guys. They swore Yuri was a Dutchman pretending to be Russian at first. They couldn't believe how well Yuri could speak Dutch... even do complicated word-play in Dutch that even native speakers had trouble with. Evidently Dutch is a fun language for word-play, but difficult at certain points even for native speakers. zHANg