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Re: Conlang book: any interest?

Date:Monday, May 7, 2001, 20:27
>I'm quite interested in having a copy of the book, so count me in. >In fact, if there's still time I would like to add some of >my conlangs in your descriptions. When is the deadline for that?
The tentative deadline is the end of May. If you don't already have the list of information I need, here it is: 1. Name of conlang 2. Name of conlanger 3. Sample sentence with interlinearization/translation (optional) 4. Web page URLs, e-mail addresses, book titles, or other sources of further information (optional) 5. A short (no more than about 5 sentences) description/explanation of the language (e.g. reasons for its creation, associated concultures, etc.) If you have any other information that you think should be included, you can send me that also.


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