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CHAT: Newbie introduction

From:Apollo Hogan <apollo@...>
Date:Sunday, June 29, 2003, 1:20
Howdy all,

I thought I would finally introduce myself, etc. to the list.
I have been lurking for a while and occasionally butting in with
comments, but thought it was time to formally introduce myself.

About myself: One of my undergraduate degree in linguistics. The
languages I come closest to speaking are English, Russian, Ukrainian.
I know a smattering of (Modern) Greek, Bulgarian.  I took German and
Latin in high-school, but many years ago...  I grew up in New Mexico,
so I can understand some Spanish.  Languages I think are
cool: Georgian, Latvian, Finnish, Turkish.  Right now, I'm in grad school
in math (doing set-theoretic topology, a branch of set-theory, a branch
of logic; I also enjoy number-theory and combinatorics).

I've put up a few pages with a couple of the conlangs I've worked on.
So if you've nothing better to do, you can take a gander at them.  I
must admit to feeling a bit embarrased to call them con-languages, given
the amazing conlangs I've seen by people on this list.  So I'll call
them con-lang fragments or pieces.  Each language is usually just a
way to give a context to some idea or trick I wanted to try out in
some language.  The most complete language I have (Dozhun) is not in
a very user-friendly state right now.

I would be delighted for any comments, criticisms, complaints, insults,
etc. (insults only as long as they're conlang related).

I am not working very hard at this moment on conlanging (real life is
getting in the way, as are other interests) and I'm busy, so I probably
will still remain relatively silent on the list.  But, I felt I should
at least try to be as classy as the rest of the people on this list.



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