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Re: Pi and marmite

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 15, 2006, 2:53
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From: "Mark J. Reed" <markjreed@...>

> On 3/14/06, Sally Caves <scaves@...> wrote: >> Boston Legal's on tonight! Heart! Love that Alan Shore. > > Hey, where's the love for Danny Crane?
Very much there. Denny Crane... Denny Crane! I like the ritual balcony scene at the end of every ep where these two best friends smoke cigars and talk about their loves and fears. Alan's terror of clowns, Denny's terror of mad cow disease. It's a terrific show. And on in ten minutes!
>> Alas, no House M.D. Why is it that Fox Network continually disses that >> fine program? > > I don't know. It's one of my favorites, and I'm neither female nor gay.
Hetero men can like him too. Some even admire and identify with him. They had two eps that were back to back... Stacy's seduction of House, and House's reaction... separated by three weeks. Two Idols, and Dubya. How's that supposed to sustain suspense or interest in the show? The makers should arrange to get House on NBC. American Idle is way over-rated. Did you hear that DAVID SHORE????? No... not listenin' in to conlangers.
>> Hugh Laurie with a very convincing American accent? Snarky, limping, >> depressed, >> malicious, prestidigitative? Occasionally slips with words like >> respiratory, but hey. > > Really? That would seem to stand out like a sore thumb. Isn't the > British for "respiratory" something like [,r\Es.p@'r\e?@.r\i]?
In short, RESpitree. Yeah, it stood out like a sore thumb. Most of the time, Laurie doesn't screw up. He spends the entire day on the set speaking Mercan. In interviews, like Jay Leno, you can't get a "so's yer ol' man" out of him in Mercan speak. On principle.
>> He's still TOTALLY hot! > > Yeah - don't see it. Very common reaction; can't dispute that many > many women find him hot. But I totally don't understand it.
Many don't... my sister doesn't. But I have always liked the comedian, and combined with this character who has Laurie's smoldering gaze, is brilliant, a piano-player, a sleuth, a quipster, and as Laurie says "crippled in body and mind," who hates the fascinated "Florence Nightingales" like Cameron and shoves them away, who won't accept any feminine comfort, who likes his life and his malady just fine the way it is though it's killing him, in fact needs to be unhappy to be happy, needs to be in pain in order to heal-- I find this so weird yet so psychologically real. Shades of yours truly... thank God I'm married. I can admire these bad boys on TV from my living room couch. They tried to do this with Bones, but I don't think it works as well. I dunno. What do you guys think? I think she's kind of hot, too. :) But not as funny. House has read everything from Terry Pratchett to Sanskrit. What I really like about House is his Hermes/Imhotep/Asclepian qualities: the damaged god, the physician crippled in the thigh, healing but can't be healed, waving that caduceus around cum magic wand cum phallus. Really neat. I have a Teonaht goddess physician. She should have a dark son who tries to thwart her. ;) Oh, yeah, and I love the medical mysteries. :)
> Of course, I also thought Parker Stevenson was the better looking > Hardy Boy, so clearly my taste in men is different from that of > mainstream American women. Shock! :)
Heh! It has nothing to do with looks. My clueless male colleague told me I oughta like Mr. "McDreamy" on _Grey's Anatomy_ because he's smooth, handsome, a brain-surgeon, and cheats on his wife. I can't stand him. His looks are too generic, his character is too generic, his words are colorless. I think they've got a winner with House. "Who da man? Me da man!" or better yet, sticking his head out of his office: "Gout." And other rich House-isms. "Your reasoning is specious." "Your tie is ugly." HA HA HA HA ! Okay, I've had my fix. Back to language. "Specious fyl reasoning. Herredko fyl tie." Sigh. Sally