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3d Language Creation Conference?

From:Jim Henry <jimhenry1973@...>
Date:Saturday, August 2, 2008, 11:22
I just happened to be looking at to try to fix a
broken link from a Wikipedia article, and found information about
the third Language Creation Conference which I don't think has been
posted here (unless I accidentally deleted or filtered the message
unread?).  It looks like I've already missed the early registration
deadline, but I'll still go if the conference details finalize early
enough for me to buy a plane ticket at a reasonable price.
(According to the page the organizers still haven't set a definite
date yet, but they're already accepting registrations...?  Something
seems odd about that; when I've organized Esperanto conventions
we never send out the registration form and start accepting registration
fees until we have the place and dates firmly set.  And there's no housing
or travel information on the website yet, either.)

I'll try hard to finish analyzing the conlang fluency survey answers
people have sent me and prepare a talk on the subject for
this conference, if I can go.  Failing that, I guess I could give
a mini-talk on the development of gzb or some interesting
aspect of its grammar (the open-ended postposition system,
maybe, and its influence on verb argument structures).

Jim Henry
Conlang fluency survey -- there's still time to participate before
I analyze the results and write the article


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