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Re: Thagojian to split

From:Paul Bennett <paul-bennett@...>
Date:Thursday, November 30, 2006, 23:07
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From: Paul Bennett <paul-bennett@...>

> I plan to start by burying myself in my ARTANES > Sumerian tutorial (so far I'm 0 for 2 trying to get past the first > couple of chapters -- wish me luck!), and picking up a copy of > _The Turkic Languages_ from Routledge.
Change of plan. I found this site today. It's probably going to be high among my primary sources. There's another great site full of etymological dictionaries that has been mentioned onlist before now, I *think* simply for its hyperlinked Pokorny, though there were other language families included. There's also EIEOL, but that's probably going to only be useful for a small part of the sprachbund / borrowing / whatnot puzzle. Paul