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Re: Shukaraz - new script

From:j_mach_wust <j_mach_wust@...>
Date:Sunday, July 18, 2004, 22:05
John Leland wrote:
> In a message dated 7/15/04 3:52:01 AM Pacific Daylight Time, > j_mach_wust@Y... writes: > > << complicated writing systems, e.g. for > tengwar, for Hangul, >> > > Hangul complicated? When King Sejong introduced it, his proclamation > said a clever person could learn it in a few days, and even a fool > could learn it in a month. It took me a month, but even so I think it > is beautifully simple and clear, especially compared to the > neighboring Chinese and Japanese systems.
You're right, I should have said _sophisticated_ rather than complicated, because neither tengwar nor hangul are complicated. But they have an interrelation between shape and sound features, and hangul has a special arrangement of the signs. For what I know, Chinese isn't complicated either, but only hard (very hard) to learn. It might be different with Japanese, where many signs can be pronounced in different ways, for what I know. Or with Chinese or Japanese calligraphy. g_0ry@_ˆs: j. 'mach' wust