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Cherani Trade Speech

From:Elyse Grasso <emgrasso@...>
Date:Friday, February 7, 2003, 6:57
I have put two sets of notes related to the languages I'm working on up
on my website. They can be found at

The Encyclopedia contains notes on various aspects of the worlds
involved. These notes are a couple of years old and need to be
proofread and updated, but they will provide some background for the
linguistic information. Some of the vocabulary in the Encyclopedia is
going to change soon.

The other document contains the beginnings of the development of Cherani
trade speech. At the moment it mostly discusses the two major
components that went into Cherani Trade Speech: Imperial and Inner
Coastal Trade Speech. It's going to be changing rapidly. There are
things I know about the languages that I have not had time to write
down yet, and I already know that some of the things I wrote just a few
days ago are not quite correct.

I'm not completely satisfied with the Romanization for Imperial: ideally
the Nasal consonants would all be single characters, and the
consonantal Y would be more clearly differentiated from the diphthongs.

The description of the history of the Shayanan script is slightly
inaccurate: the general description is correct, but the base form of
the recording system uses beads and string, like a cross between quipu
and macramé. A pen and paper document is essentially a diagram or
picture of what the beads-and-string representation would be. It tends
to look very swirly. I'll update that section of the document soon.

Elyse Grasso