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well, then. software request: (read as 'beg, plead')

From:b walker <b_elliott_walker@...>
Date:Friday, February 7, 2003, 5:52
hullo, all. it's byron here, from lurker-land.

i have a software question for yous. was wondering if
there exists a copy of some dictfile/parsing software
out there, specifically Shoebox 4 - i used to have it,
but was bitten by the 'didn't backup bug' many years
ago, and is now a dropped packet in the gods' Eternal

i know about Kura, heard of kura, etc. however, i want
something that works, err, 'right out of the box'. as
i am a linux-newbie, i have no idea how to configure
the thing to work (nor the patience).

just installed shoebox two - it looks like pure pain!


save me! i know shoebox 5 costs $, but surely someone
still has v. 4 out there, somewheres, from when it was

thanks muchly,


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