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K vs. C Orthography (was: Re: Flight (was: Memberlang pages) )

From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Thursday, January 28, 1999, 2:18
On Wed, 27 Jan 1999 23:10:29 +0000 John Fisher
<john@...> writes:

>k=/x/ c=/k/ y=/j/ w=/w/ sh=/S/ th=/T/ ch=/tS/
>-- >John Fisher >Elet Anta website: >Drummond ro cleshfan merec; fanye litoc, inye litoc >
I'd just like to mention that i have the same pronounciation of K and C in the pronounciation-system of my old simple replacement-code D'gijsiki. K is /x/ except word-final, where it's /k/, and C is /k/ except word-final, where it's /kI/. "D'gijsiki" is pronounced /d@gIj'siki/, though (with an incorrect /I/ instead of /i/), probably because the {k} is part of "D'gijsik", (=Stephen), with just the Hebrew _-i_ adjective suffix at the end. Maybe i should turn it into a conlang.... :) Zebli a d'suorn goc'k ag akgu e tukrekw.... :) (btw, {uo} is pronounced /wa/, and not /uwo/ or /wo/ as expected. i think it was my brother's idea...) -D'gijsik (D'giw) ___________________________________________________________________ You don't need to buy Internet access to use free Internet e-mail. Get completely free e-mail from Juno at or call Juno at (800) 654-JUNO [654-5866]