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Re: OFF: Name for a cat

From:John Cowan <cowan@...>
Date:Friday, October 1, 1999, 14:51
Nik Taylor scripsit:

> Cool, my brother's cat has that nickname, among others. His real name > is Freckle - NOT FreckleS :-) , but he's also known as: > Freck > Don Frecklini > Mr. Freckle (we do that with all the cats, a sort of pseudo-honorific > - Southern dialect uses Mr./Mrs./Ms. + first name as a polite form, > especially by children to adults)
My cat is named Max, just Max, but he is sometimes called Maxo, Maxie, or Maximilian (which in my dialect sounds like "Max a million" and is present as a subtext). -- John Cowan I am a member of a civilization. --David Brin