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Wav files and conlang and like pronunciation?

Monday, December 20, 1999,4:32Herman Miller
Sunday, December 19, 1999,23:09Steg Belsky
Sunday, December 19, 1999,15:05And Rosta
Wednesday, December 15, 1999,8:24Sally Caves
Sunday, December 12, 1999,20:00Steg Belsky
Sunday, December 12, 1999,6:13Herman Miller
Sunday, December 12, 1999,5:31Herman Miller
Sunday, December 12, 1999,1:36And Rosta
Saturday, December 11, 1999,20:52Sally Caves
Saturday, December 11, 1999,14:50And Rosta
Friday, December 10, 1999,6:18Herman Miller
Friday, December 10, 1999,5:43Sally Caves
Friday, December 10, 1999,5:42Sally Caves
Thursday, December 9, 1999,22:56nicole perrin
Thursday, December 9, 1999,22:28Daniel Andreasson
Thursday, December 9, 1999,21:37Irina Rempt
Thursday, December 9, 1999,21:16Irina Rempt
Thursday, December 9, 1999,13:52Boudewijn Rempt
Thursday, December 9, 1999,13:50Grandsire, C.A.
Thursday, December 9, 1999,12:30abrigon