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Re: Silbo, a whistled language

From:grandsir <grandsir@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 10, 1999, 6:33
Brad Coon wrote:
> > Whistled lgs were discussed a year or two ago on this list in response > to some question I posed. Ought to be in the Archives. I have toyed > with the idea of a purely whistled lg for over 20 years now. I would > really like to turn Nova into one. The big stumbling block for me > has always been representing it on paper. Of course with computers > and various software packages available now, it would probably be > easier.
I'll try and see the archives (if I find a time to do that). Thank you all for your answers. I didn't know whistled languages were so much spread. Brad, just try and make a whistled lang from Nova, it should be interesting (even if I'll never be able to pronounce it, I just can't whistle :( ). -- Christophe Grandsire Philips Research Laboratories -- Building WB 145 Prof. Holstlaan 4 5656 AA Eindhoven The Netherlands Phone: +31-40-27-45006 E-mail: