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CHAT: You Know You're A Conlanging Mom/Dad When...

From:Amanda Babcock Furrow <langs@...>
Date:Friday, June 29, 2007, 13:47
Since I have nothing more substantive to contribute (see below), I hereby
start a YKYACM/DW list.  Which Wiki would this be most appropriate to
upload to?

You Know You're A Conlanging Mom (or Dad) When:

1. You wonder why more conlangs don't have the important words: breastfeeding,
diaper, spit-up...
2. You realize that your conlang needs more words for "baby".  A lot more.
3. You have given serious consideration to whether it would be unethical
to raise your child bilingual in your conlang
 3a. ...and concluded reluctantly that it would be (you are a parent)
 3b. ...and concluded tentatively that it would not be (you are an expectant
4. You wonder whether the distinction between "nap" and "night's sleep"
is universal enough in natlangs to belong in your conlang.
5. Many natlangs have a speaking-to-babies register with its own vocabulary.
Maybe yours should too, even though you won't use it (see 3, above).
6. You can't remember exactly where you were going with your favorite
conlang, but you're sure it was important.
7. "Why waste valuable conlanging time showering?  The baby only naps three
hours a day!"
8. ...and then you use shower time to mindlessly read CONLANG-L and ZBB
for "inspiration".
9. You hope that CONLANG-L will still be around when your kids are in school
and you have something to say, again.
10. You remember when you used to be able to conlang in waiting rooms.
11. You remember when you used to be able to stay up late conlanging.
12. You stumble across a complete redesign you started two months ago, and
with a little thought, you are able to recall doing it.

...more?  Anyone?  Bueller? :)



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