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Re: CHAT: You Know You're A Conlanging Mom/Dad When...

From:Krista Casada <kcasada@...>
Date:Friday, June 29, 2007, 15:00
13. Putting together a lullaby in your conlang assumes paramount importance.
14. You start wondering what "baby babble" in your conlang would sound like
15. Your newest vocabulary item is "colic."


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From: Amanda Babcock Furrow <langs@...>
Date: Friday, June 29, 2007 8:47 am
Subject: CHAT: You Know You're A Conlanging Mom/Dad When...

> Since I have nothing more substantive to contribute (see below), I > herebystart a YKYACM/DW list. Which Wiki would this be most > appropriate to > upload to? > > You Know You're A Conlanging Mom (or Dad) When: > > 1. You wonder why more conlangs don't have the important words: > breastfeeding,diaper, spit-up... > 2. You realize that your conlang needs more words for "baby". A > lot more. > 3. You have given serious consideration to whether it would be > unethicalto raise your child bilingual in your conlang > 3a. ...and concluded reluctantly that it would be (you are a parent) > 3b. ...and concluded tentatively that it would not be (you are an > expectant > parent) > 4. You wonder whether the distinction between "nap" and "night's > sleep"is universal enough in natlangs to belong in your conlang. > 5. Many natlangs have a speaking-to-babies register with its own > vocabulary.Maybe yours should too, even though you won't use it > (see 3, above). > 6. You can't remember exactly where you were going with your favorite > conlang, but you're sure it was important. > 7. "Why waste valuable conlanging time showering? The baby only > naps three > hours a day!" > 8. ...and then you use shower time to mindlessly read CONLANG-L > and ZBB > for "inspiration". > 9. You hope that CONLANG-L will still be around when your kids are > in school > and you have something to say, again. > 10. You remember when you used to be able to conlang in waiting rooms. > 11. You remember when you used to be able to stay up late conlanging. > 12. You stumble across a complete redesign you started two months > ago, and > with a little thought, you are able to recall doing it. > > ...more? Anyone? Bueller? :) > > Amanda >