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Subject: Weekly vocab. 11

From:mathias <takatunu@...>
Date:Sunday, June 15, 2003, 4:24
In Pisina-Pirunga:

1. restaurant - purusi siruta - 'professional_building eat'

Where might I find a good restaurant?
U tukaru tarami wa a purusi siruta ya kasina?
In what place well is restaurant that-is skilled?

2. food - manura

What sort of food would I find there?
Tukaru pamuti manura a kakanusa u tarami pamanga?
What kind food is given in place that?

3. to order (food) - mukaru (manura)

"Do you know what you would like to order?"
"A kusumi mukaru manura tukaru?"
Do want order food what?

4. intestines, guts - karatu

I almost lost my appetite when I saw the platter heaped with pig intestines.
A pikita wi satuna manura a tamaku karatu kitanga nai a kinima punati.
Do see that tray food is full intestine pig then do almost vomit.

5. salad - manura sanangi - 'food leaf'

A mukaru manura sanangi ai miraki murina u makatu.
Do order food leaf and beverage bubble in only.

6. waiter - minuki pitusa - 'employee cater'

Minuki pitusa a timumuru ya samuki pikani.
Employee cater does eyeing that sentences me.

7. to bring - pamana

He brought me what I asked for, though the servings were small.
Timiku a pamana pamanga i pikani a mukaru-yu u tanangi wi turuni manura a
He does bring that which I do order-it in restriction that item food is

8. hungry - tamaki siruta - 'urge eat'

Nai a kisanu tamaki siruta pai a sakiti purusi siruta ya kuwanungu.
REALIS have still urge eat maybe do go_to building eat that-is un_same.

9. to belch - pumisi ya pakani - 'throat that erupts'

On the way, I belched loudly
A pumumisi ya pakani u pamaka u kinuru sakiti.
Do throating that-does erupt in noisy in process go_to.

10. to stare - pikikita ya tukunga - 'look that-is fixing'

Several people stared oddly at me.
Pisari kitari a pikikita ya tukunga pikani u pirungi.
Several person do look that-is fixing me in strange.



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