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Ant: Re: Linguistics: Final /?/ and /h/

From:Steven Williams <feurieaux@...>
Date:Monday, June 20, 2005, 13:12
--- Joe <joe@...> schrieb:

> Roger Mills wrote: > > In most colloquial English dialects in England, > word-final [?] is quite common (though it is only > an allophone of /t/). I believe Liverpudlian > dialects change that to [h] frequently. Both are > fairly rare in European languages, though, but > quite common elsewhere.
Don't many dialects of Arabic have final [?] and [h]? I know with reasonable certainty that the final [h] is pronounced, however weakly, in standard Arabic, and I don't see why any dialect with hamza shouldn't pronounce it syllable-finally... ___________________________________________________________ Gesendet von Yahoo! Mail - Jetzt mit 1GB Speicher kostenlos - Hier anmelden:


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