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phrase's order

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Date:Monday, December 27, 2004, 6:07
I've read in an old post

>looking at word order typology, we have the following: > >SOV = 45% of the world's languages >SVO = 42% >VSO = 9% >VOS = 3% >OVS = 0.9% >OSV = 0.1%
but with a language where it is not constant what do we do? I don't mean when it changes with the question form or something like this. In frensh, the order will be SVO if the object is a noun or an adjective "Je mange une pomme" I eat an apple "J'aime ma femme" I love my wife "Je deviens vieux" I become old but if the object is a pronoun it will become SOV "Je la mange" I eat it(feminine, like "pomme") "Je t'aime" I love you "Je le deviens" I become it So how is Frensh classed in these statistics??


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