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Date:Monday, December 27, 2004, 5:13
when translated in frensh, "can" and "may" are both translated in

is there a way to clearly divide when to use each?

I've been able to learn the uses of "ser" and "estar" in spanish class
none of my english teachers had explained it clearly between can and may.

Is it because there is no way to divide when you have to use "can" and
when "may" is needed and that the only way is to develop it instinctively?

Or is it because it is so much obvious that I'm the only one to don't

I would say that we use "may" when there is an idea of authorization but
can say "it may rain" so it's probably not exactly that.

Maybe you don't know it clearly and that you only use it instinctively too
because I don't know how to explain clearly the difference between "savoir"
and "connaître" wich both means "to know" in english..

can/may someone help me?


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