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OFF TOPIC: web servers

From:Craig Gilbert <cgilbert@...>
Date:Sunday, November 15, 1998, 21:58
Various comments on removing popups were:
>>> Geocities gives you 11 megs, is extremely easy to use and especially >>> to upload to. Down points are all the annoying popup screens although >>> there are ways to get rid of them. >> >>How? If you disable your browser's Java you don't get the popup windows, >>but is there a way to get rid of them for Java-enabled browsers? Tripod >>puts the Java code on each page, so you can alter it so that the popup >>won't work -- I think the server just refreshes the code every now and then >>anyways, though, so it wouldn't do any good. >> > >The Webpage author has to disable the pop-ups by placing the alternative >banner ad on the page (it's called a geoguide - if your page has a geoguide, >then it doesn't launch the popup window when it loads). There's nothing you >can do from the client side to disable just the popups.
There are several freeware utilities made specifically for getting rid of those popups automatically (from the client side). The one I use is OnTrack!, which you can get from here: It has saved me many hours (subjective time) of cursing at irrelevant advertisement without once causing any problems with the other things people did with Java and JavaScript in their pages. -------------------------------------- Craig --------------------------------------