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Cross-referencing tool for vocabularies

From:Simon Kissane <jilba@...>
Date:Monday, November 16, 1998, 7:47
I've been working on a conlang, and I have a large number of text
fragments in it scribbled all over my school books (naughty me). I
typed them up into my computer, giving each fragment a number (eg. 1MB
for first fragment in my maths book), and adding some notes to some

I have an spreadsheet where I enter a word, the definition, what
fragments in which it occurs and what other words I have used with the
same meaning (I keep on changing my mind.) I did about five words, then
I got bored...

I was wondering if there are any tools that I could use to generate a
list of all the words in my document full of fragments, noting which
fragments they occur in, and not counting the fragment titles or notes?
Could I use some kind of concordance-generating tool? (If so, are any
available on the Internet?)

Thanks in advance,