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CHAT: back

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Friday, December 18, 1998, 20:57
Hey folx!

I've been away for a while but I decided to come back.

Right now I'm pretty busy with my band (I play bass, sing, and write
songs) and church activities.  So I've had the conlang projects on hold.
In fact, I'm starting over from scratch.

Big Six hasn't progressed any since I last mentioned it, and its
homepages has been removed.  But I'll bring it back.

Tech, on the other hand, is back under the codename "Tech 2000".  And
instead of being based on Nostratic, I decided to go even further into
the past.  I found a website by a linguist named Patrick Ryan who claims
to have reconstructed "Proto-Language".  Though it would be VERY
difficult to prove his reconstructons to be accurate, or even to show
the existence of such a language, it caught my interest.

Here's the website for anyone who might be curious:

The basis for the language is that words can be traced back to ninety CV
monosyllables (thirty consonants and three vowels.

Using some of the ideas (without copying all of them and thus committing
plagerism) along with other Nostratic/Dene-Caucasian/Austric/Amerind
theories) I hope to create a conlang that could theoretically be a
natlang, yet remain an isolate with radical differences in phonology,
grammar, and syntax than any existing natlang.

My use for the language: personal, fictional, and

So allow me to get caught up...


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