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Re: Left handed writing.

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Saturday, December 4, 1999, 1:19 writes:
>There are far too many symbols that look a *LOT* like Roman letters. I'd >bet >real money that the Eskaya script is post-hispanic, and was invented by a >local >who knew what writing was but was (virtually) illiterate. Possibly, he'd >started to learn to read, or had seen texts while they were being read >out loud >to him. Very probably, this is exactly the same story as the development >of the >Cherokee (or do I mean Cree? aargh my brain just goes fuzzy sometimes, >forgive >me) syllabarly (aka Sequoian?). >
I would say so too. There are actually incidences in the Eskaya language where there are some words from other languages, such as the days of the week, and the names of the months: Days: Leni Lunes Monday Mimati Martes Tuesday Mibol Miercoles Wednesday Hubir Jueves Thursday ? Viernes Friday Sanubi Sabado Saturday Llongo Domingo Sunday Months: E-mi-o Enero January Hebi-o Febrero February Maso Marso March Kabir Abril April Ma-o Mayo May Hubi Junio June Hubi-on Julio July Tatubi Agosto August Sitibi Septiembre September Oktubi Octobre October Nobi Noviembre November Dibi Diciembre December I find their system of leadership interesting. They don't have a leader until someone stands up and says they have a mandate from god to lead the people.