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Re: Abbreviations

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Tuesday, October 5, 2004, 21:54
Carsten Becker wrote:
> ... Just out of curiousity, this leads me to the question: > Has anyone of you guys/girls created abbreviations for your > conlang(s)? Not abbreviations for the conlang's name of > course, I meant such abbreviations like "etc./&c", "e.g.", > "i.e.", "et al.", "IIRC", "BTW", "AIUI" et cetera. >
Good question!! Hmm, Kash has more than I remembered-- ki (gram.) animate < kayi 'alive' trk ['traki](gram) inanimate < trakayi "un-alive" kcc [ke'tSitSi] = www, their "internet" < kelun cilici web electronic y [yam] = x in dimensions e.g. 5 y 8 = 5x8 < yam 'with' myo ['moyo] for example < moyondi < moyot 'pattern, example' mm ['mumu] vice-versa < mule-mulet < mulet 'backwards' vh ['Bixa] i.e., viz., to wit < vihatni < vihat 'specific' m [mi]? pi, 3.14159... < omi(s), math slang kk ['kako] in bold/emphatic type-face: Karukolunda /karun xolunda/ "Duke" of Holunda, by ext., the government-- e.g. "KK has announced..."; also for Karungavatu /karun kavatu/ another ruler/country/government if one had to distinguish the two (in his own country probably just kk ['kaka] :-) ) Others may be lurking in the to-do list....... Maybe s = sim(bi) 'Mr.', l = lumi/lumbi 'Mme., Mrs., Ms. etc.' I'm not sure email is as widely used there, but if it is, we could have pmnl for "pun manimbur lembo" = IIRC Clearly, we need "etc." "et al." --aha, ill for "i liya-liya" 'and others' could do double duty (1); and academic stuff like "et seq.", "ibid.", "op. cit.", "p. ~pp.", "sic", "sci." Both a logo and an abbreviation: la.ka.ho (written in the old syllabary style on their nameplate and stationery; lkh (bold) in ordinary usage e.g. newspapers that lack the syllabary font) Landiñ Kaçili Holundakale 'Bank of the Holundan People" ['landiNga'Sil_jixo"lunda'kale] Indonesian has a raft of abbreviations and acronyms. ------------------------ (1) But Indo. distinguishes "dll." dan lain-lain 'and others' from dsb. dan se/bagai/nya (lit. and a/kind/ 'and so forth...' ------------------------ Interesting that Andreas has a construction company, I a bank -- I wonder if that says something about our mind-sets??? :-))))))