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Re: USAGE: English, Masculine, Feminine

From:Michael Poxon <m.poxon@...>
Date:Monday, June 14, 2004, 23:39
In British English (at least in my fairly-RP version) these three are all
Mary = /me:rij/ "short" e
Marry = /m&rij/
Merry = /merij/ "long" e
As regards Caught" vs "Cot", yes too. Both these have the IPA symbol of an
upside-down lower-case c, but the former is the "long" version. However, the
two vowels are also different qualitatively. The former is more fuller and
rounded. Not sure what A is in SAMPA, but  it sure doesn't sound like "a"
over here!
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> Emaelivpeith Emily: > > emily says [ ho:mz ]. I have one of those interesting speech registers > > that notes all three vowels in Mary, Marry & Merry (which Pacific Coast > > speakers hear & say as an even [ E ] instead) > > Apologies for contributing to YAEPT, but I'm curious... I'm one of > those Pacific Coast speakers, and I'd like to know what vowel values > you have for Mary, Marry, and Merry. > > Do you also have distinct vowels in Caught vs Cot? They both have [A] > for me, but I'm told it's more common to have [O] and [A], > respectively. > > > -- > AA


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