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Re: Language, Religion, and an information quest (or somesuch) [Mildly OT]

From:Boudewijn Rempt <bsarempt@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 10, 1999, 19:40
On Mon, 8 Nov 1999, Axiem wrote:

> Well, I'm not going to get into why, but now I'm trying to come up with > a good word that expresses "God" or a supreme entity, etc, and I was > wondering how all of you came up with that word/words for your conlangs, > if you even have them?
Well, that's the question. I don't think Charyan culture is into the concept of supreme entity - I am not even sure whether they would recognize a concept like inalterable truth. I don't even exactly know whether they know good from evil, philosophically or theologically speaking. They just follow human nature, and I think, with Mencius, that it is according to human nature to act good, even if humans are more inclined to evil. But Charyans expect their philosphers to tell the emperor how to govern the empire, and that's it. The word for deity is _burgat_ - that's generic for all kinds of gods and deities. Spirits of the deceased are _oruhan_ before the become _burgat_ by the prayers of their children. I've written a small bit of text on deities at Boudewijn Rempt |