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OT: Customs (< USAGE: "draughts")

Date:Friday, January 26, 2007, 14:33
li [T. A. McLeay] mi tulis la

> On 1/26/07, <li_sasxsek@...> wrote: > > > This word is not common over here (we call the game > "checkers"), but > > > if it were it would be /dr&fts/. In Rightpondian, does it tend to > > > have an /&/ or an /a/ - BAT or BATH? > > > > Yes, that would be pronounced /dr{fts/ here, but then again > it's "checkers" > > unless you're referring to beer from a tap, then it would > be spelled "drafts". > > Now I'm confused. I suppose you're ana American (i.e. leftpondian) and > therefore you reply is only agreewing with Mark's description of > American English? or are you talking about some northern variant of > English/Scottish English?
Yes, "leftpondian", though I'm originally from the "left coast" which is on the right side of the other pond.
> Also, I'm a little confused about where "draught" ends and "draft" > begins. In Australia, proofs of a work are "drafts", but the people > who make drawings are usually "draughtsmen". Beer on tap and cold > breezes through rooms are almost invariably "draughts". The game > alternates between being "checkers" and "draughts", with probably > "checkers" the more common.
No, in American usage, it's always spelled "draft" whether it's used for drawing, beer, or military enslavement. The game is only known as "checkers" here so spelling is not relevant. If you really want to confuse people, let's get into the various games called "football" (soccer, American, Aussie Rules, etc.)
> So really, what I want to know is: Is my assessment of the situation > accurate? Is the correct way to pay for something in most other > countries to put the money on the counter? or is it just something > about being in a foreign country or having been shopping at Ikea that > makes them do that?
Putting the money on the counter is more common that handing it directly. If you don't like the counter method, I suggest you don't try to get a job as a casino dealer where they have to choice but to do things like that do the cameras can see. What really annoys me is when cashiers hand back the change with the receipt on the stack of bills. I don't know what worthless overpaid yuppie "expert" went around telling businesses to do this, but it annoys the crap out of me as I now have to separate it from the pile of money handed to me so I can put the cash away in my wallet. I liked things much better when they just put the receipt in the bag, or at least handed it over separately.
> (Also, I wanted to rant about something that's annoyed me for a few > years, I hope you don't mind.)


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