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CHAT: India-Pakistan Nuclear War?

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Saturday, June 1, 2002, 19:47
    Today I read in the newspaper that the Pentagon thinks that if nuclear
war was to break between India and Pakistan that 12 million people will die
and a further 6 million will be injured (these figures are most definitely
conservative. And that is only the human loses...)
    The global effects of even "a limited nuclear exchange" on the
eco-system, the economy, etc. would be immeasurable for many years - if not

    I strongly suggest that in the days ahead that your prayers, rituals,
and/or thoughts be directed towards this area of the world in the fervent
hope for constructive lasting peace in this very ancient, colourful land.

    _Om mani padme hum_ = somewhat literally: "hail to the jewel in the
lotus!" or "oh, the jewel is in the lotus!"...
    more meaningfully it can be understood as "Om, the jewel of enlightenment
consciousness arises within the lotus of ordinary (but trained)

Hanuman Zhang {HANoomaan JAHng} /'hanuma~n  dZahN/


Ars imitatur Naturam in sua operatione.
"Art is the imitation of Nature in her manner of operation."

" The most beautiful order is a heap of sweepings piled up at random." ~
Heraclitus, c. 500 BCE

" jinsei to iu mono wa, kinchou na geijyutsu to ieru deshou "
<Japanese> = lit. "one can probably say that 'life' is a precious artform"


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