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CHAT: Not Politics (was: CHAT: India--Pakistan Nuclear War?)

From:Tristan McLeay <kesuari@...>
Date:Sunday, June 2, 2002, 2:40
On Sun, 2002-06-02 at 05:47, J Y S Czhang wrote:
> > _Om mani padme hum_ = somewhat literally: "hail to the jewel in the > lotus!" or "oh, the jewel is in the lotus!"... > more meaningfully it can be understood as "Om, the jewel of enlightenment > consciousness arises within the lotus of ordinary (but trained) > consciousness!"
'Padme' doesn't happen to mean 'jewel', does it? And does it derive from a certain Star Wars character? (I've assumed that's a conlang there.) Tristan


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