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Re: OT Re: Constructed maps

From:Rik Roots <rik@...>
Date:Saturday, January 12, 2008, 21:37
Roger Mills wrote:
> Way back on 6/21/07 in response to Rik Roots' magnificent--
Woah - I forgot I'd made that post.
> I wrote: >> I've tried on occasion to do similar maps by hand of my planet Cindu, >> but between inertia, absent or fading skills and lack of a good >> cartography text (with all the necessary formulae, tables etc.), >> nothing satisfies me. I really want to make a globe, but am not sure >> how to go about it.
> Well, hurrah, I've acquired an old terrestrial globe (16in. diam., no > stand, but holes at N and S poles where one used to be)!! suitable for > playing with. I assume I'll either (1) have to paint over the whole > thing, somehow retaining the handy lat. and long. lines, then draw in > the Cindu land forms-- very challenging I suspect, or (2) make paper > gores (with pre-drawn land forms) to glue on, equally challenging I > suspect. The Zompist website has instructions for doing that, which > I've tried, but getting the curvature right is a mystery. I might try > tracing outlines from the existing ones??? >
This is going to sound a bit icky, but now you have the globe you could stretch a bit of latex tubing (use your imagination here) over it and then draw your map onto the rubber. You can also add in the long and lat lines from the globe. When you're happy with the shapes remove the globe and stretch the latex flat to find the most pleasing projection, staple to a flat board and photocopy. I did manage to get a spinning globe of my conworld via the Gimp, on this page of my website: I'm also in the process of playing with Google Earth - draping my maps over that globe using kml file thingys - I'm not very happy with those results at the moment, though I like the potential it offers. But I think you were after something much more tangible (and spinnable) - if I remember the conversation correctly ...
> Thanks, Roger
Best wishes with the project - we want links to photos of the work in progress and the final result! Rik