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Alan Libert: 'A Priori Artificial Languages' recommendable?

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 24, 2004, 15:37

Does anyone know the following book?  Is it recommendable?

> LW 24: A Priori Artificial Languages > > > University of Newcastle > > The best known artificial language is Esperanto. However, hundreds > of other artificial languages have been proposed, although some have > not progressed beyond the stage of sketches and few have seen much > actual use. Those which are not consciously based on natural > languages are called a priori languages. Such languages have been > less successful than artificial languages built with elements of > natural languages, such as Esperanto and Interlingua. > > However, a priori languages are of considerable theoretical > interest, in particular from the point of view of language > universals: if a universal property holds even of languages created > "from scratch", then it can indeed be seen as a property of any > (usable) human language. Therefore, in the description of the > grammars of several a priori languages, particular attention will be > given to whether their features are in accord with proposed > universals, of both the Greenbergian and Chomskyan types. > > After an introduction one chapter each will be devoted to > phonetics/phonology, writing systems, lexicon, morphology, syntax, > and semantics. The languages described include aUI, Babm, Fitusa, > Loglan/Lojban, and Suma. Most of these languages have received very > little attention, even from scholars studying artificial languages. > > ISBN 3 89586 667 9. Languages of the World 24. 148pp.