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Re: Weekly Vocab #1.1.7 (repost #1)

From:Lars Finsen <lars.finsen@...>
Date:Wednesday, April 25, 2007, 22:43
I'd better do one of these again before I get rusty.

>> Brought to you by f (for finals) and s (for studying) and >> comparative >> constructions.
Yes, I can see we are in a comparative mood here.
>> 1. book
Urianian: rift Gaajan: (suraetu = tale)
>> That book over there (yonder) is thicker than the one I'm >> using now.
U: Rift ina zipt riftat ma dymin simfanja. (book yonder thicker book- abl my current read-act-part-gen) Urianian uses ablative as the relative marker in comparisons. 'Dymin' is the stative participle of 'dy'=run. Note also that the copula is missing. I don't have a general word for 'use' yet. Maybe I shouldn't have one. G: Suraetujoke suraetusu dubag a wan aiga atsu. (tale-yonder-erg tale- rel thick-comp it-is-for-it now work I-do-to-it-rel) The two relative markers here relate to different things, which perhaps I don't need to explain. It continually pleases me how simply and yet unambiguously Gaajan is able to do this kind of job.
>> 2. desk
U: pilkirf (writing table) G: agabaula (work table)
>> I sat at my desk longer than the day has hours. (i.e. for >> more than 24 >> hours)
U: Sitem franu ma pilkirfia tiluti tudamat tunja. (sat-1s front- my long-comp-inst G: Agabaulamam lusagen esj ijut taudewe asuke anjisu. (desk-my-loc long-comp-adv sit I-did hour-pl day-erg it-has-them-rel)
>> 3. study
U: minzid, mezid (learn) G: iria (learn)
>> I've been studying with better students than I (am).
U: Minzemi teltu minzigan mit fetuti. (learned-1s-perf 1s-abl good-comp-pl) No durative in Urianian. Prepositionals (unlike adjectives) do not reflect the number of the nouns they refer to. G: Akuag wiriaumi isaniria ju anjitsu. (better student-pl-comit perf- habit-study I-do I-am-to-them-rel)
>> 4. finals / final examinations (also as sg.)
U: examen drut, or examen finalis, or just examen G: gas sarena (last test)
>> I will do better on the final than him.
U: Kastinsam fetuti imat examni. (judge-pass.part-fut-1s better-inst 3s-abl G: Gas sarenaen akuag kedu adait. (last test-adv better achieve fut-I- do-for-him)
>> 5. midterm(s) / midterm examination(s)
U: tentamen G: sasaimen sarena (mid-year-adv test)
>> I did worse on my midterm for this class than I've ever done >> before.
U: Kastinem bati ma tentamni klasetsuj ixi ma kastunamat elni. (judge- pass.part-past-1s worse-inst my ever my all) - tough one G: Ilsiekai sasaimen sarenaen laisagen kedu jait aben sukedu jusu. (group-this-dat mid-year-adv test-adv bad-comp-adv achieve I-did-for- it ever perf-achieve I-do-rel)
>> 6. grade / score / marks
U: kastan G: keduja (achievement)
>> I hope to get higher scores on the final exams than I did on the >> midterm exams.
U: Esam examni kastanet irtut fekte ma kastanat tentamnia. (hope-1s.pres high-comp get-inf 1s.gen G: Jawe at engenag keduja gas sarenaen sal adataila saisamen sarenaen atsu. (hope I-do-to-it high-comp score final exam-adv get fut-I-do-to- it-for-it-subj midterm exam-adv I-do-to-it-rel)
>> 7. stress(ed): n. or adj.
U: stress (loanword), dund (press, pressed) G: agategi (too much work), kaagategi (having too much work), keduldutuja (the condition of being pressed), keduldutuk (pressed)
>> I am more stressed than I thought I would be.
U: Dund em bilt virkesat fusam. (pressed be-1s.pres more believe- stat.part.abl be-1s.subj.fut) I am thinking of abandoning the Urianian sigmatic future, though. G: Kaagategiag ait urea jatsu ajutla. (stressed-comp I-am-to-it think I-did-to-it-rel fut-I-am-subj) - the sentence ends in two auxiliaries...
>> 8. busy
U: zirfut G: kakuu (preoccupied, thoughtful), agatik (at work)
>> I have been busier than ever lately.
U: Zirfitut imi ixat druti. (busy-comp be-1s.perf last-inst) G: Aranten edagen isaga ait aben isiutsu. (new-adv more-adv perf-work I-do-for-it ever perf-I-am-rel)
>> 9. write, compose (a paper, article, etc)
U: kirfid (write), komponerde (compose) G: esjim (compose), initudu (compose a story), lyadu (compose a song)
>> I have to write 678 papers by Tuesday.
U: Eng e mi kirfid sixkendibiganiakta artiklet birtuna. (necessary be-3s 1s.dat write-inf 678 G: Arild ikunu ilgestadu alanim inituwe ekaten asusu fein esjimik ajut. (6 100-pl 70 8-com story-pl earlier day-rel lightning-gen compose-imp fut-I-do)
>> 10. research
U: kade (scrutinise), foskid (research, loanword) G: asure (investigate, repetitive aspect of ure, see)
>> I have never researched a topic longer than I have researched >> this one. >> (this sentence includes an opportunity for a resumptive verb or >> proverb, if >> you have one!)
Gaajan could have one perhaps, or a resumptive marker for the already overloaded auxiliaries. But it seems this sentence is pretty straightforward in Gaajan. U: Nixi foskemi zursa tiluti ma foskidat zursandan. (never research-1s.perf long-comp.inst 1s.gen research(n.)- G: Araben katumetua uroenag isasure atait katumetuak isasure atsu. (never matter long-adv-comp perf-research I-do-to-it-for-it matter- this perf-research I-do-to-it-rel)
> Bonus Vocab from WordNet: > This is randomly selected automatically, so in case it offends you > or you disagree, please either ignore or be inspired to make up > different words and/or phrases: > > - beet sugar, n. > sugar made from sugar beets
U: rebur betia G: unknown
> - profit, v. > make a profit; gain money or materially;
U: lev (plunder, prey, profit), pide (be lucky, gain, blossom), porfit (loanword) G: gaidedu (profit from trade), kaku (get lucky), akudu (improve one's luck)
> "The company has not profited from > the merger"
U: Mitam en pajiay nismidat. (company not profit-3s.perf G: Ara sarejeke saraneate isgaidedu a. (not company-erg merger-abl perf-profit it-does-to-it) Not easy some of these ones. My confidence level is not exactly 100% in all the above sentences. Yet I post them. Am I mad? Or lazy? Or whatever? LEF