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Re: Weekly vocab revival?

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Wednesday, August 23, 2006, 20:45

Roger Mills writes:
>... > OK!! Here are 10 words, and some suggested sentences, culled from my Kash > to-do list:
Ok, I'll try to translate! It took a while to create vocab, because I lack so much that the sentences triggered a lot more new words.
> 1. committee
kúmisjó [k_hU:mIsjou)] < COMMISSIO
> 2. bell-tower
kapnityrr ['k_hahpni,tIr_0] < kapn[] + tyrr kapnær ['k_hahpn,ai)r] < CAMPANARIUM (cmp. Sp., Port.)
> (or just _tower_)
tyrr [t_hIr_0] < TURRIS
> The committee has(have) decided to erect a (bell-)tower.
Kúmisjósa haft dékis að érigir kapniturr. erect: érigir [jE'rI:jIr] < ERIGERE decide: dékiðir [djE'c_hI:DIr < DECIDERE
> 3. exactly
jöst [j9st] < EXACTUM jastmett ['jast,mett] < EXACTA MENTE
> It will be exactly 73 metres [or suitable equivalent] tall.
'She will have a height of 73 meters.': þissa haft tinir altúr jöst 73 mjötrur. meter: mjötur ['mj9:tYr] < METRUM tall: öltur ['9KtYr] < ALTUS altitude/height: altúr ['aK,tUr] < ALTUS + -TURA
> 4. crane/derrick
grýr [kri:r] < GRUS Also used for the animal 'crane'.
> 5. bell(s)
kapn [k_hahpm_0] < CAMPANA
> They will need a crane to lift the bell(s) into place.
'A crane will be necessary to them to lift the bells to their place.' Grýr irð niskrir þissir að læri kapnarsar að lok þissu. necessary: niskrir [nIskrIr] < NECESSARIUS lift: læri [lai):rI] < LEVARE
> 6. net (for fishing)
rét [rjE:t] < RETE
> The fishermen have lost their nets.
Pjösktirsi pirðruð rétir svær. ['p_hj9stIsI 'p_hIrDrYT 'rjE:tIr svai):r] loose: pirðir [p_hIrDir] < PERDERE fish: piskur [p_hIskYr] < PISCIS to fish: pjaskri [p_hjaskrI] < *PESCARE < PESCARI fisherman: pjôsktur [p_hj9stYr] < PESCATOR
> 7. napkin
= piece of cloth: pöður [p_h9:DYr] < PANNUS
> The [ethnic slur of your choice] people eat with their fingers and do not > use napkins.
eat: kyndir [c_hIntIr] < COMEDERE Phew. The rest is too much for me now. Maybe I'll try more later. This was fun. Have others just not posted anything or not translated anything? I found this fun any would be happy to get inspired by other work. **Henrik PS: Current lexicon size: 253 :-)


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