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Re: Trigger language?

From:daniel andreasson <danielandreasson@...>
Date:Sunday, February 2, 2003, 23:58
Tim May wrote:

> So with agentive marking, karú means to perform the act of dining, > wheras with patientive marking it means to have the property of being > predisposed to dine. > > That, at least, is my interpretation - I certainly don't speak > Guaraní.
Well, no need for me to correct you! :) The above explanation is my understanding as well. And I'm sorry about any belated replies. They'll come eventually. I've had a friend (understatement of the century) staying at mine for a few days and having her here didn't leave much time for conlang-l. See? I have a life! :) I've gathered all the link suggestions to I'll check them and update the site asap. Daniel Andreasson --