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Re: Baby speech

From:Carsten Becker <naranoieati@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 30, 2005, 21:40
On Tue, 29 Nov 2005, 23:26 CET, Mark J. Reed wrote:

 > But rather than speaking non-rhotically, he seems to feel
 > the need to
 > substitute something there, because he hears us saying
 > something, and
 > what he puts there is a glide [j].  For instance, "car"
 > comes out
 > [koj] - why [o], I don't know.

In the '(stereo)typical' American English, the <a> in car I
guess is rather [A_O], making it [kA_O:r\].

 > developmental front.  Has anyone heard of such
 > substitutions before?

"Tante Tarin tomma tutten, Lulja hat detotzt." instead of
"Tante Karin komm mal gucken, Julia hat gekotzt" (Aunt
Karen, come see, Julia has vomitted) -- an anecdote of my
mother about the little daughter of friends of friends. That
little girl noticed that her little sister has just
vomitted. Children develop the sounds not all at once. It's
natural somehow that sounds get replaced with other, similar
sounds. It was basically the same with my two younger
siblings ... My brother called me ["ta:T@] for example.

 > Oh, and  GMail has added the ability to send email as
 > another account,
 > once you verify that the other account is actually you,
 > and as part of
 > this identity revamp you can apparently finally leave the
 > Reply-To:
 > header off completely.  I'm trying to do that with this
 > message, so
 > let's see if it works.

/me is still wondering about a username for his Gmail
account ...


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