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Re: Montreiano irregular verbs (long reply)

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Wednesday, August 21, 2002, 20:42
> >You seemed to imply that the Montreianos mostly or generally formed an >already distinct group within Spain... is that accurate? And if it is, >what were they called there? >
The place I have the Montreianos originating from is the around the Mérida area of Extremadurra dipping into the northern area of Andalucía. In Spain they were known as "Merideños", speaking "Meridense", after the more well known city of the region. (I think this fits nice enough to justify the covnerso element to their history, and also it doesn´t tweak history too much by placing them in this general area. Hopefully it doesnt affect Extremadurrian) __________________________ No the moth dont care when he sees the flame The moth dont care if the flame is real Cause flame and moth got a sweetheart deal And nothing fuels a good flirtation Like need, and anger, and desperation